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    What does crtl-a do in CS4?

    Mr. Handley



      I'm working through Babbage's excellent Classroom in a Book.  On page 201 about Symbols, we click ctrl-a, but he doesn't explain what that command does.  I exported the keyboard shortcuts to html and looked in the chart, but ctrl-a isn't there.  So, just what does this command do?

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4



          I'm glad you're enjoying the book! CtrlA (CommandA for Mac) selects 

          all the objects on the canvas. That way, when you are sure to have all 

          the objects in the artwork converted into the same symbol.


          This works fine for the example in the book, but if you're working on 

          a full design which contains many objects, make sure you only select 

          the elements you want to be part of the symbol. You can do this by 

          holding down the Shift key and click on on required each object on the 





          Jim Babbage

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            Mr. Handley Level 1

            Thanks Mr. Babbage... the book has been a great way to get to know the program.  I'll have to go on Amazon and write a review to let others know how great it is.