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    Dose CS4 Work on windows 7


      With the full version of windows 7 now available to download (msdnaa etc). My quesion is this has anybody managed to sucessfully install cs4 in the new full version?

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          Yes it does. I have CS4 Master Collection running perfectly fine on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

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            Battlehard1976 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply I have the pro version so it should be fine.


            Thanks again

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              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

              Yes, we have been successfully running CS4 with Windows 7 (actual GM release from MSDN) both in the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


                        - Dov

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                Emigdio Salvador Corado Level 1

                Im actually running Adobe Master Collection CS4 on Windows Seven Ultimate 64 Build 7600


                there is a couple of bugs but I can live with them



                Question, Someone Knows about compatiblity on Windows Seven Home Basic???

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                  Steve from Mogrify Studio Level 1

                  Hi Folks.


                  Ok so I've done a little research, so far the upgrade sounds like it's getting some positive feedback, with very little problems.  The only problems with the Windows 7 upgrade with CS4 are:


                  -CS4 Setup Discs will not launch - but downloaded "trial" setup files from Adobe's website will install no problem

                  -There is an issue with Dreamweaver launching and occasionally eating up memory for a few seconds, then releasing

                  -There is no codec for Photoshop - so .psd icons are not visible

                  -Photoshop launches automatically in 64 bit mode


                  I'm curious if there are any Adobe folks (or community experts) out there who have updates on these issues, and if there are any issues that I've missed?

                  I've purchased the W7 upgrade and will install it in a couple of weeks when it is released - I just wanted to make sure I'm not going to dig myself into a hole by installing the upgrade.  I know that Adobe developers can't snap their fingers and make things change overnight, but if anyone who has information can help me (and other viewers of this post) out, that would be much appreciated.




                  Steve Dolan

                  Co-founder, Creative Suite User Group: San Jose


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                    Hi Steve:


                    I have been running CS4 on WIndows 7, 64 bit, on an 8 core processor for several weeks. I have not encountered any of the issues you noted above. The one issue I had concerned Acrobat Pro. On reinstall, you want to be sure to execute any program by Acrobat Pro first.


                    I did not do this, and everything but Acrobat worked fine. The fix is to uninstall, reinstall, and execute Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, etc first. I had some bad information from the first Adobe tech support individual I spoke with, and it was a bit longer process to fix than it should have been.


                    By the way, I was really surprised to see CS4 taking full advantave of 64 bit operation and 8 core processing. It is really, really, fast. The new Intel 7 chip is something.



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                      I just installed windows 7 64 bit and cannot get the adobe cs4 production suite to fully install.


                      Once the long gray box "...Production Premium Installer: Initializing" pops up, the blue bar fills up to about 95% with the heading "Checking System Profile..."  and does not progress any further.  Nothing freezes and I can easily X out of the window, but then I dont have my sweet adobe.  This same suite installed fine with Windows Vista 32 bit. 


                      Any Suggestions?

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                        Dan_Clements Level 1

                        Check out Steven Dolan's post above. He mentioned an install issue from DVD's. The solution seemed to be to install from a download.


                        If this does not work, perhaps you could give some additional information about how you are installing (DVD's, network, etc), and what your computer specs are.


                        Hopefully you get it working soon!



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                          tyvega Level 1

                          I am installing from a single file that accesses a series of RAR files.  I downloaded these from my university's website.  We have a license agreement with adobe.  Could this be the problem?  It worked fine with Vista 32 bit.


                          I am running windows 7 64 bit on an HP AMD Phenom 2.1 ghz 4 gb RAM and an Nvidia 9500 GT graphics card.


                          If i download the trial software from adobe, how do I unlock them?  Do I use the same serial I used for the original install on Vista?


                          Thanks for the support.

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                            Dan_Clements Level 1

                            Hi Tyvega:


                            That may be your issue. Try a direct install from Adobe. Since you have already installed a version, your existing license key should work. It looks like an issue with network installs.


                            Good Luck!


                            Dan Clements



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                              tyvega Level 1

                              This webpage has a redirect loop.

                              The webpage at http://trials.adobe.com/dlm.html?files=http://trials.adobe.com/Applications/Photoshop/CS4/ Win/ADBEPHSPCS4_LS1.exe|http://trials.adobe.com/Applications/Photoshop/CS4/Win/ADBEPHSPCS4 _LS1.7zhas resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer.


                              Same for every trial I tried to download.  I tried both suggested solutions as well.  Perhaps the Adobe server?  So, am I dead in the water?

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                                tyvega Level 1

                                Alright, so I got adobe to install from my original files.  I did two things different, not sure which one caused the change.  (1) I had been installing from an external hard drive, so I threw all the files on to the desktop and ran it from there, and (2) the default install location was in a folder outside of Program Files and I had been changing it to inside Program Files, but this time I let it do its thing and install in the default folder.


                                However, is Photoshop the only program that runs in 64 bit mode?  Only PS shows up in my default Program Files, all others are in Program Files (86).


                                What Gives?

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                                  Dan_Clements Level 1

                                  Hi Tyvega:


                                  Same for me. below is an excerpt from Wikipedia:


                                  Adobe CS4 is also developed to perform better under 64-bit and multi-core processors. On Windows, Adobe Photoshop CS4 runs natively as a 64-bit application, and although they are not natively 64-bit applications, Adobe After Effects CS4 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 have been optimized for 64-bit computers.[4] However, Adobe has stated that no 64-bit version of CS4 will be available for Mac OS X.[5] In early testing of 64-bit support in Adobe Photoshop CS4, overall performance gains ranged from 8% to 12%. Those who work with extremely large files may realize noticeably greater gains in performance, in some cases as dramatic as ten times the previous speed. This is because 64-bit applications can address larger amounts of memory and thus result in less file swapping — one of the biggest factors that can affect data processing speed.


                                  I have noticed a huge increase in InDesign performance on my new box, and thought it was because of the 64 bit processing. I am now starting to wonder if it is the "optimized for 64 bit" that is causing this, or the fact I am running the new Intel 7 chip with eight processors.


                                  Dan Clements



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                                    tyvega Level 1

                                    okay, good to know!  I was under the impression everything was going to run in full 64 bit mode.  I guess I will have to settle for "optimized".


                                    Thanks for the info and help, Dan!

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                                      Dan_Clements Level 1

                                      Good Luck!


                                      Dan Clements



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                                        CS4 does not work correctly on my Windows 7 system. Select a Photoshop image double click expecting it to be opened in Photoshop. Photoshop opens but the image is not imported. Have to go to File Open find image to open it. Illustrator the menu buttons don't work correctly on the left. They do not open to select alternative choices.


                                        Printing leaves lines going across the page at specific intervals even after selecting all the Photoshop options to allow photoshop to control printing.

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                                          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                          Please post in the Photoshop forum for help with that application.