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    Why can Adobe not deauthorize a reader?


      I have spent 2 hours on the phone being passed between tech support and customer support and none of them undestands how Digital Editions and authorisation works - most people did not even know what the software was!


      All I want is for Adobe to remove the details of a Sony Reader from my Adobe ID as I have sold it and the new owner needs to authorise it to his Adob ID.

      I do not have the device now, he does.  I did not know I had to deauthorise it before selling, as I never used DE after installing it. I only used free



      How hard can this be?  Surely if Adobe are implementing DRM then you must be able to manage it correctly? Why is there seemingly no knowledge of which depratment can handle de/authorisations?


      How can I allow the new owner to use the device with DE to purchase online ebooks?





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          Jim Lester Level 4

          Two problems:

          1.) You can only deactivate the Reader if you have the Reader.  So you'll want to communicate to the person that bought it the following:

          - Plug in Reader onto a Windows machine where they have Digital Editions authorized against their AdobeID (authorization/deauthorization of Sony Readers, currently only works on Windows)

          - After noticing that the Reader is recognized, press "Ctrl-Shift-E" which will bring up the device deactivation dialog

          - Following the deactivation, unplug and replug the Sony Reader and they should be present with the device activation dialog



          2.) Adobe only offers support for Digital Editions via Web   (click on the "Submit a web case" link). Calling tech support would be unhelpful, but they normally just tell you that up front, so it's suprising/upsetting that they bounced you around.



          (But since I already told you this on the MobileRead forums, why did you waste your time with support, or did that happen beforehand?)

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            blonkster Level 1

            Hi Jim,


            Thanks for both your replies.


            The new owner is struggling with ADE and has not replied to my suggested fix - based on yours, but expanded.


            I thought it best to contact Adboe directly, as I assumed they could just disassociate the device from my account and it would then appear as a 'new' one ot the new owner and he would not have any issues - other than getting his ADE / account working.


            thanks again.



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              Jim Lester Level 4

              Unfortunately for the person you sold the Reader to, the is no way to deauthorize it remotely, and the only way to do deauthorize the Reader is as described above.  However since that is the same setup that is needed in order to authorize the Reader, the person you sold it to will need to work through it anyway.


              I would suggest pointing that person to the either MobileRead forums or this forum to ask their questions about their ADE setup problems...