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    Adding/Replacing content (paragraphs, lists, dense chunks of text) in multiple files in RoboHelp 8.0




      I am currently using RoboHelp 8.0 for a project.


      I have some content that is repeated in several files. So, if I want to update this content in all the multiple files, how do I go about it?


      I explored the Multi file find replace/Find and replace in all files option. However, this feature doesn't allow me to search for paragraphs or lists. It only allows me to search for words or key phrases with a character limit.

      Similarly, I'm unable to replace content with another paragraph or piece of text. I can only replace content with words or phrases. But, I need to replace an entire file sometimes with new content.

      So, everytime i need to make an update, do i have to make an update in one file and then copy paste in all the other files or is there a way of automating this task?


      Can anybody suggest a work around please?


      Would appreciate any assistance


      Thanks in advance for your time!