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    Finding parent group(s)

    Zvranic Level 1

      It seems that UserLookup service doesn't provide a way to find groups to which a user belong. Solution would be to try to compare wanted user with all members of all groups but it's very inefficient.

      My scenario is:

      There is a workflow in which document is created in one organization and delivered to another organization. It is delivered do dedicated user or department in an organization but before document is delivered to that user/group it has to be registered by office administration of that organization. My problem is: how to detect which administrator group is responsible for given destination user or group.


      For example, if document destination is USER1 (or DEP1) and that user or group belongs to ORG1 it woud be easy to detect that first step should be assigned to ORG1_ADMINS.


      Now only solution is to keep those relationship in custom database and use SQL query to retrieve it but that means duplicated user/group administration.


      Any  other suggestions?


      Thanks in advance,


      Zeljko Vranic