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    serial confusion?

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      We have a mixed bag of Adobe installs here at work ranging from Master, Production, Designer and Photoshop Extended.

      They are all CS4 and are legit. however we lost our install excel doc.

      If you go to System Info in Photoshop you get this strange set of serial numbers that dont match anything we have on paper.

      They all start with "9" whilst our legit ones start with a "1".

      How the heck are we suppose to figure out which is what?

      My only option is to deactivate every single copy and re-install again.

      Please anyone any tips on figuring out which is which in our set-up?


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          ianim8 Level 1


          Weird that I havent received any help on this matter.

          Its a viable one as far as productivity goes.
          Im in the process of re-installing Mac OSX on five different boxes and again I dont know which is which as far serial numbers go.

          I know in the future Ill be more careful but I really need help on this now!

          I even went as far as checkign when I registered the software.
          But there are times when we received 4 computers at the same time so its hard to say which license is which.

          Im also missing a few licenses from the Adobe registration site.