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    Flex Sprite


      I am migrating Flex code to Java and have not been able to find anything in Java or JavaFX like the Flex Sprite. The sprite's independent graphics object, addChild, and event handling functionality are what I need most. I've posted on Java forums without success. Does anyone know if there is a way of implementing the sprite in Java?

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          Hi mdeutch3,


          check the below link May the below link helps you




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            mdeutch3 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. My post should have mentioned that what I'm doing nothing to do with animation.


            Think of a client app and a server dll. The client is passing points the operator clicked on a display area and from those points (pixels) the server will calculate points for a complex shape which the server will display. The client has a list of these pixel based shapes which it will display/remove/edit at its discretion and there is no animation involved, or it would be more accurate to say there is no timeline. But the server would like to be able to pass Sprites based on the pixels because there are labels, fills, and hit tests involved which it will like to help the server deal with. There is also complex logic involved with drawing the shapes which the server could spare the client if only it could pass a Flex-like sprite instead.

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              A correction to the previous post. I meant to say that the client is going to display the shapes (sprites) returned by the server.