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    Links not working in any generated help outputs

    Nick@Tag Level 2

      So, I've got the trial version of RH8 running now.


      I've just started importing various word docs to test output functionality etc. I have imported a doc of about 50 pages, with topics broken down by heading type using pagination in the import feature.

      Now whenever I publish to any form of help I get the first page, the TOC, and whenever I try to navigate to any other page in the TOC the link goes nowhere. It stays in the same page, from what the hyperlink is referring too, its trying to find the topic heading in the current page by using the www.url.com/blah-blah.htm #Topic Heading


      Does anyone know how to over come this easily. I cant find anything online, or using the search feature in the forum.


      Thanks very much. I expect many more questions since I'm starting out with RH.

      Your patience is appreciated