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    MouseOver Issue in PDF


      Hi all!  I am really new to Fireworks and have been working on a mock up for a website I would like built.  Everything is going pretty well however I noticed that when I export my desgin to a PDF, none of the mouseovers that I created are working.  They work when I preview them in Fireworks but as soon as I open the exported PDF the mouseover ceases to exist.  I thought it might be an issue with my layers but then why would it work in the Preview.  Anyway I have been tearing my hair out with this for days trying to get it working and I would REALLY appreciate any help I can get.  Thanks in advance.

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          Dave Hogue Level 2

          Sorry to tell you this, but the mouseovers work in a browser using JavaScript, but PDF works differently - that's why your mouseovers do not appear in the PDF.


          As far as I know, the mouseovers you create with slices in Fireworks will not export to the PDF - I think that only the links and hotspots will work in the PDF.