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    Can't insert Snippet on same line in topic - inserts paragraph return

    pjv@gs Level 1

      In RoboHelp 7 with a FlashHelp project, I have snippet text that I want to stay at the certain topics next to some other text so that all of the information appears on the same line (like a breadcrumb trail). Problem is that when I insert the snippet text, it automatically goes to the next line even though I did not include a carriage return at the beginning of the snippet.


      In Design mode, I tried deleting the paragraph mark at the end of the phrase/content so the snippet would be on the same line but nothing happens.


      It appears that no matter where I put the snippet, RoboHelp automatically inserts a <p> before it. Even if I switch to HTML mode and delete the <p>, when I switch back to Design mode and then back to HTML, the <p> reappears before the snippet.


      How do I get the snippet to stay in-line with the text before it?