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    pdf as background

    karthick86mca Level 1

      <mx:HTML top="0" bottom="0" left="0" right="0" location="test.pdf"/>
          <mx:Canvas top="0" bottom="0" left="0" right="0" initialize="canvasInit(event)">


      in canvasinit event i did drawing the line in mouse using mouse.


      if i try to set pdf as background to the canvas, it is not set as background. it will be in the foreground. how to send pdf as a background of canvas.


      i tried lot. i am not able to set pdf as background. it comes to foreground.



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          I'm not sure you can topic spam like that.


          You can't use PDFs as a background for the same reason it wasn't available in Flash - hardware rendering. PDFs are rendered on a screen surface above and externally from the normal rendering order. However while it is currently possible to overlay HTML over Flash using a few nifty checks, it is not possible to overlay HTML or Flash over PDF, just because nobody needed that kind of functionality.


          You might have more luck converting the PDFs to Flashpaper and setting that as a background as, while slower than PDF, it would conform to the standard rendering order. As it stands the rendering method PDFs use make it impossible for AIR to draw on them.

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            karthick86mca Level 1

            ok thanks


            is there any way to convert pdf to flashpaper programmatically. can we draw the line over flashpaper as pdf.


            please give an idea