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    Robo8Crash before opening a project


      Robo8Crash before opening a project. No projects will open! The opening splash screen listing “Recent Projects” and such appears for about two seconds, then disappears leaving a 'null' workspace -– the application doesn’t completely crash, that is. Opening any project directly opens the RH application but not the project. No error messages, no nothing.

      A few weeks ago upgraded from RH HTML 7 to RH HTML 8, but not using any RH8 features yet. Everything was fine until this Monday morning. (Everything usually is fine – until it’s not, eh?)

      It’s a simple straight-ahead HTML Help with no bells or whistles. Working  on local drive. No source control application used.

      I blew off the .CPD file but to no avail. This one is a real stumper. Help!