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    CRAM Codec & Premiere CS3


      I'm doing some simple editing in Premiere CS3.  My pre-recorded videos play fine in Windows Media Player, but export jerky and vibrating after editing them.


      After doing some research I found out that my pre-recorded videos us the CRAM (Microsoft Video 1) codec.  The program G-spot tells me that I do not have this codec installed.


      If I install this codec will my videos export properly?, or should I be converting them before editing (is this possible?). My worry is that if installing the codec solves the issue, after burning to dvd will others who play the dvd experience issues?


      I'm pretty new to this so very basic instructions are best lol.

      Thanks guys.

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          Welcome to the forum.


          Have to admit that I have not heard of the CRAM CODEC.


          Now, the installation of some CODEC's will allow PrPro to Import, edit and Export - though not all. The first two operations in that list are usually the "weak sisters." Installation might help you with Export.


          Now, before you do that, is a DVD-Video your ultimate goal? If so, do NOT Export in any CODEC, but either DV-AVI Type II w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio (or DD AC3 for DD 5.1 SS), or fully DVD-compliant MPEG-2.


          One can Export in either of these (I choose DV-AVI elemental stream, and AC3 DD 5.1 SS elemental stream), and then Import the Video into Encore as a Timeline and the Audio as an Asset. Drag the Audio to the appropriate Timeline and author to DVD-Video in Encore.


          If you know what you're doing, you can use bit-budgeting to calculate your MPEG-2 compression, Export that, and then Import it into Encore. Make sure that all settings are 100% DVD-compliant.


          Now, back to your quality problem:


          The source files are using CRAM, but you do not have it. Installing it might improve the quality, or it might not. What are the settings that you have used on Export, where you got the bad results?


          Good luck,