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    Having trouble smoothly merging the ends of a pattern after expanding appearance

    Isolder Level 2

      I made my pattern. Made sure it lined up nicely opposite ends. It looks smooth when I apply it to whatever line I choose, in this case an ellipse. When I expand appearance on it and attempt to merge it, the "ends" of the pattern don't fully merge. There's a fine little line. Part of it merges, but the other part doesn't. Not sure.. how to make this better. I can manually take care of this, but if possible I'd like to know if there's maybe something I can tweak in the pattern.. or.. something to make this not happen. The included image shows the pattern before and after merging. The red arrow points to the "edge" where the opposite ends of the pattern meet. The blue arrows point to the same edge once merged. The top part merged fine, but for whatever reason the lower edge doesn't combine.