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    Is there a limit for external links in TOC using RoboHelp 9.2?




      This is my first time posting to the Adobe forums. Here is my problem.


      I have been maintaining help projects using RoboHelp 9.2 for quite some time now to generate WebHelp. I now have four large projects that are linked through a URL in each project's TOC.  Example: I have projects A B C D. In A's TOC, I include a link to B C D default topics. In B's TOC, I include a link to A C D default topics. And so on ... The fourth project (D) is new.


      The problem I've encountered is with the image appearing in the TOC next to the external link entry for project D in the generated WebHelp.  The image showing up for project D is different from the other two, even though the properties for that page are exactly the same as the other two.  This happens in all three remaining projects (A B C). Even when I change the image (from the image index), the same image (i.e. the standard image for a topic page) appears regardless.


      What should appear in all cases is image 13.gif.


      (I'll have to figure out later why 19.gif is selected in the properties dialog, whereas 13.gif is actually showing up in WebHelp. Doh.)


      Any ideas?