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    Changing breadcrumb text color (RH8)

    kimcramer42 Level 1

      My company's Marketing folks have asked me to use our corporate colors in the new Help system I'm developing. No problem there - I've created five new color definitions and have applied them successfully to styles in the CSS. My problem is that breadcrumbs don't seem to use these custom colors.


      In the CSS (using the RH CSS editor), I've set both the Character > breadcrumbs and Paragraph > breadcrumbs styles to display in our corporate font (Calibri) and the required blue color. I thought that would do the trick, but it doesn't.


      In the WebHelp SSL, on the Navigation page, the Add Breadcrumbs Links option is selected. But when I click the Format button to format the breadcrumbs, I cannot select or define a custom color for the text itself. (The breadcrumbs options dialog does let me define a custom background color, but I want the background to be white and the text to be our corporate blue.)


      Is there any way to display the breadcrumbs according to what is defined in the CSS?


      Thanks so much for your help!