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    Activation After C-Drive Crash - Customer Support Problems

    Connert Media, Inc.

      We are having a terrible time with Customer Service... I hope some folks might help lead us into the correct direction.


      I had a crash on my main computer where the C-Drive bit the dust.... and yes, it did not allow us to deactivate our copy of CS4 Master Collection.  Fortunately I do have my travelling copy on a small laptop.


      We installed a new C-Drive, but had to reinstall CS4... then the activation message reads that we have too many activations... and I know that, because one of them crashed.  We simply need the crashed copy to be deactivated, so that we can reactivate on the newly constructed C-Drive.


      My seventh (yes, 7th) phone call and over a culmulative hold time of over 9 hours (yes, 9 hours).  Over the span of two weeks, Customer Support tells me that their Activation Interface is not working (ugh!).  One person on the sixth call, this morning, transferred me to another Customer Support area where I was immediately put on hold for 2 hours and 9 minutes at which time the line went dead.


      I was told to install the copy and work through the 30 day trial period, but I'm now on 16 days left and Customer non-Support not able to to help me yet.


      Am I alone with my problem or or others having problems dealing with Customer Support?


      If other's are aware of similiar issues, could you help direct to alternate phone numbers, contacts, websites where I might be able to receive some support.  Spending another $2,500 on software just doesn't sound like a solution when I've been an Adobe user for almost a twenty years.