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    2nd Try: Need Tips On Slicing/Dicing

    Suntower Level 1

      Hi, Back in July I asked a question about resizing multiple clips: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/462912


      The replies I got were fine, but not what I need.


      What I want to do is, what is called in the audio world 'beat slice'. I'm trying to make cuts between clips mapped to tempo. So for example, you'd have a separate clip on every beat of the accompanying audio. Or every 1/8th or even 16th note. This is taking, as my daughter would say, for----ehhhhhever.


      I lay out the clips on separate tracks and then want to move them back/forth on the timeline. I also need to resize them en masse -and- while doing that, make sure that they remain butted up against one another. What I'm having to do now is manually move dozens of short clips left/right and then individually re-size each and -then- move them all again. It's ridiculous.


      1. Again: is there a command which resizes a selection of clips -and- also moves them so that they remain butted up against one another? I tried hitting the Ctrl key while re-sizing and although the mouse cursor changes I don't get how it's working any differently.


      2. Is there a key command to duplicate a clip -without- going to the Project Window? IOW: in the timeline itself?


      3. Are there any other tips/techniques one can suggest for doing this kind of thing? Surely others do this stuff routinely, right?