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    Playing external .FLV file(s)


      I am fairly new to Flash and working with MX 2004 with Flash 2. I have tried several methods to play an external .FLV file. Some ideas from this forum and some from the Flash help system. Either I don't understand them and/or I am not implementing them correctly but nothing has worked. I have read of an FLVPlayback component and my system has a MediaPlayback component in the Component window. I have also seen yards of actionscript to play such files. Can anyone supply me with a basic/simple method, with code/example or buttons-to-push if necessary, to have an .SWF play an external .FLV via my MX 2004 system? Thanks

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          GoUSS Level 1

          I haven't time to read all the info in the article but it seems on point. Thank you for a great resource!

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            GoUSS Level 1

            Thank you again for the info on using the media component method in Flash MX. If you have a moment to respond I would like to ask a couple of related questions. I am converting videos from DVD to .FLV format. When converting I am presented with several options for size/resolution of output. Not knowing much about video it seems to me that chosing an incorrect size/resolution would distort the look of the video involved, much like resizing a graphic image disproportionately. It would become skewed. Is this true and if so, how does one handle such conversions?

            On another note, the article you directed me to states that the MediaPlayback component is a combination of the MediaDisplay and MediaController components. Easy enough but do you have any idea how to get a MediaController to control a separate MediaDisplay? In my case this would allow me to use the space I have for display with controls "off-to-the-side". Thanks