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    Nightly SDK and Flash Builder Beta

    jdesko Level 2

      I am using Flash Builder Beta and have tried different nightly builds (ie.,, and have the same issue - when going into Design View I receive several warnings:

      Design View could not load fiber_rb.swc. It may be incompatible with this SDK, or invalid. (DesignSWFLoader.ERROR_LOAD_VERIFY).

      The same error for: fiber.swc, serializers_rb.swc and sparks.swc.

      Does anybody have a fix besides two workspaces with diff. sdks?

      There have been some other discussions in regards to this but with no fix.

      First ... Adobe talks of using nightly builds with instructions.

      Second ... when users have problems such as above a standard reply is "this has been fixed in an internal build".  How does that help us?

      Third ... in Flex Bug and Issue Management System this was a reply -


      Heidi Williams - [08/04/09 05:40 PM ]
      I don't think we want to spend time on encouraging users to use newer SDKs with DV of Beta 1. There are probably lots of things that won't work so they should either just get on prerelease or wait for the next Beta.
      Fourth ... prerelease is not open any more and I for one am unfortunately not on it.  FWIW - I do own a Flex Builder 3 license. 
      I understand Flash Builder is a Beta program, but why talk of nightly sdk releases and using Flash Builder if there are issues and unavailable internal builds.  And if Adobe is working on bug fixes, along with changes such as the Rename List, why not give users access to those internal builds?  At least licensed users.  Let everyone keep up to date!