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    FYI: Premiere 7 repeatable crash solved - nVidia issue

    Tom Scharf

      Here is my story of hair pulling / frustration today.




      • Windows 7 x64 / 12 GB RAM / RAID-0 / Flash drive / blah blah blah, my system hardware and OS are solid
      • Premiere 7 worked fine yesterday
      • Today Premiere 7 will crash anytime the Edit >> Effects tab or Edit >> Titles tab is selected
      • Tried all the recommended vodoo in the articles, and nothing worked.
      • Uninstall / re-install did not work
      • Debugging error with Visual Studio shows a stack overflow error
      • Folder  Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Premiere Elements creates a mysterious new folder "G167 - 9-16-2008" everytime it crashes.
      • In this folder is a file called "Trace Database.txt" which has the following text:
        • ASL.MessagingService    1    5
          Master    1    10
      • Most event viewer crash report entries show the following, no help:crash1.png
      • However on a second look, this entry was found in the sea of crash reports:





      1. nvSCPAPI.dll is a 3D glasses driver / application nVidia installs by default with their driver.
      2. Yesterday I disabled it using an nVidia start menu application because I have no use for it
      3. Disabling this feature caused the Premiere crashes (of course it did, woudln't that be obvious to anyone?)
      4. Uninstalling the nVidia 3D vision application resolved the problem.




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          That's some very patient troubleshooting, Tom!


          Glad you're back up and running though.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            This info is appreciated.


            Going back to about the time that Adobe teamed up with nVidia on the CUDA project for Photoshop (and soon Premiere Pro), something seemed to go very wrong with many nVidia drivers. Users of PrPro were having to roll back to much earlier drivers for their cards. New drivers were just causing all sort of problems. After about a year, and many driver releases, things seemed to settle down, but then PrPro CS4 had gone to CS4.1, so no one knew for sure, what the "cure" was - PrPro, or nVidia.


            With this knowledge, I now wonder if this, or very similar, was not really the issue. I never had any problem with my Quadro FX-4500, but then this little "feature," might not have been included. I also only use my driver, and not the array of "extras" from nVidia, so might have bypassed it that way?


            Now, you have furnished me with something else to ask about, if one has issues that can be traced to the vid-card.


            Many thanks,



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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              My first (hobbyist... still) editing rig was a ready-made Alienware Pentium 3 computer with Win2000 and Premiere 6 and a Pinnacle Dv500 card... and some (can't remember) model of nVidia card


              I had TONS of problems with that card and "proper" display, until I hit on the ONE and only driver version that would work... earlier and there were problems, later and there were even more problems


              When I built a Pentium 4 computer in July 2004... I went with an ATI Radeon 9600xt card... which still works to this day (computer is a bit slow, so telling Encore to encode to DVD has always been an overnight process, but everything works the way it should)


              I would NEVER, EVER buy an nVidia card!!! (that's my opinion, and I'm sticking with it)

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                My Quadro was my first nVidia, and to date, I've been very happy. OTOH, I have not had that horrible set of driver issues, that hit so many Adobe users. Odd that they hit, just as nVidia teamed up with Adobe?


                Before, I had ATI and they were fine. Had Matrox (vid-card, no capture), and other than new drivers being released every ten years, had no issues.


                Right now, were I building, I think I'd also go with ATI, unless nVidia could give me a great reason to "trust them."



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                  Tom Scharf Level 1

                  I've been using consumer NLE's for years now, so I know the debug drill.  I got so sick of random Pinnacle bugs in every version they ever had that I thought I'd try PE7.  At the minimum, at least there would be a new and different set of bugs to deal with.  Typically Adobe has very good software, I use Flash and Photoshop regularly.  This bug was particualrly nasty because I hadn't installed any new software, only changed a seemingly unrelated configuration in the video driver.


                  I haven't hit a NLE yet where I haven't spent at least 50% of my time debugging and working around software bugs.  But I'm typically an early adopter and use a lot of features, so I willingly pay the price.  The first DVD thru PE7 was basically flawless.


                  Microsoft is supposedly standardizing the graphics card CUDA type software into a Direct-X API so ATI and nVidia can be inter-operable.  This should help stability in the future, but for now it looks a bit shakey.  Photoshop hardware acceleration has worked so far without issue for me. 


                  ATI used to have horrible driver problems many years back, but they got it under control.  ATI and nVidia are about the same in my experience over the years.  Just don't BSOD my machine, that's my first three priorites with a video driver.


                  Wish PE7 had an x64 version of the software, I have got memory low warnings several times now when it bumped up against 2 GB of used memory.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    Wish PE7 had an x64 version of the software, I have got memory low warnings several times now when it bumped up against 2 GB of used memory.


                    I'm guessing that PrPro CS5 will be 64-bit, but some of that might be predicated on the actual release of Win7, and how well MS has done their SDK kit. If that happens (could also be CS5.5, or similar), I cannot imagine that PrE will be far behind.


                    Adobe has been doing surveys of PrPro users and several of the questions in each have been around "would you accept a 64-bit ONLY program?" Obviously, that would shut the upgrade door on many, until they migrated to a 64-bit OS. That might be more of an issue with the population of PrE users, as they would be less likely to run out and buy a new workstation for this program. Still, many folk, who are new to NLE's, are springing for some flavor of 64-bit for other reasons. Only Adobe's surveys and some good guesses by marketing, can determine their path.


                    Now, let's talk about your resources. I have 4GB on both machines (one with the 3GB switch, and one without). Still, we're not talking that much more RAM than you have.


                    I have a plan, that I implement on all machines, and then employ when I am doing editing:


                    The first thing that I do, before I do any editing, is clean out my system, using MSCONFIG to eliminate all unnecessary programs and Processes at boot. These are things like MS Messenger, iTunes Helper, Bonjour Services (I do need this for one progarm on my laptop, so I keep it there), and the like. These are little things that are usually installed by the OS, other programs, or the folk, who build the machine. Unless subsequent installs add this sort of stuff back, this is a one-shot deal.


                    Next, I manually Exit from my AV, spyware sweepers and pop-up blockers.


                    Last, I run a little utility, called EndItAll2, to then shut down all unnecessary programs and Processes (on a session basis, and not permanently, like MSCONFIG), prior to editing.


                    This gets my machine in as lean, clean and mean a status, as I can. Then, I edit.


                    I routinely work on some monster Projects with up to 8+ hours of material on the Timelines and 1000's of Assets. To date, I have never had one "out of resources" error. I am, however, doing SD Projects only - no HD yet.


                    Don't know what programs/Processes you might have loaded, but that would be one of the first places that I'd look - if you have not done so already.


                    Good luck,



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                      Tom Scharf Level 1

                      Thanks for the memory tip, I'll try it out.  It does look like they have a massive memory leak in there somewhere.


                      Well Photoshop now comes in both x32 and x64 versions on the same disk.  But Adobe will do it for PrPro first I assume, but Elements may lag years behind due to the consumer target.  NLE is one of the poster child applications that can take real advantage of a x64 (> 4 GB memory) and a multicore system.  My switch to x64 was not too painful about a year ago, scanner and a couple software applications wouldn't run.   Compatability has been pretty good, but I wouldn't upgrade an old system to x64. You do have to check compatability for hardware drivers.


                      From a programming perspective, it is much easier to write a NLE with an x64 compiler as you don't have to constantly stress out on hitting the 2 GB barrier and all sorts of work arounds and other issues relating to large files and memory areas.  I'm sure the software guys want to dump x32 ASAP.


                      If you enable the memory columns in task manger, you can watch memory usage.  I unloaded a project and it was still using an enormous amount of memory, so I think they have a software issue.  In the grand scheme it's not a big deal as at least you get a warning.



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Thank you for the info. I keep gathering as much data, as I can, on 64-bit. I've been a "fence-sitter" for some time now, but do not yet edit HD, so it has not been pressing for me. My older workstation, designed for PS and PrPro (plus AE and similar), is doing great with SD material and XP-Pro. Still, 64-bit is the future, as is HD input/output. I'm about to start the search for hardware specs., with a new workstation at the "end of the tunnel." The OS will obviously by 64-bit, and each program, that fully supports it will be added. The 32-bit apps will go on, with hope to upgrade those to 64-bit, as they become available.


                        I'm lucky in that I do not have that much legacy hardware for my workstations, but do keep older machines handy just for that. I can still access my SyQuest 44MB discs with a SCSI drive on an old computer. Same for my DLT tapes. I just keep a couple of the 'old guys" around, in case a client from my past calls. Thanks for the mention of drivers for some legacy stuff.