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    How do I tell Adobe they've invoiced me for a product I don't want to buy?


      I thought I was download the free Adobe Reader for Mac and have ended up with an email in my inbox telling me to pay for it.  It says if I open the Reader I will see an invoice.  But when I try, nothing happens.


      Of course you can't reply to email address Adobe used to contact me.  I want the thing off my computer but if I just drag it into the trash, I want to be sure my details will also be removed from Adobe's files.


      This was the subject line:

      Reminder: Adobe Direct Download usage invoice for vip member. Payable by 24.08.2009

      This is who sent it:



      Hopefully by just not paying the invoice I can't see (!) this will just go away.  But why do they make it so difficult to contact them?  And whatever happened to the free Reader?


      All advice much appreciated.