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    using flex+xmlrpc+perl


      Hi all,
                  I am writing a application uses flex as gui and communicates with existing perl modules via XML RPC ,

         i am using this as3 rpclib by ak33m on related to this article          http://www.artima.com/weblogs/viewpost.jsp?thread=208528


      here in my case both flex and perl running on same machine and communicates thru localhost port 8080, i am not using any web/application servers


      but when i run my flex app from a flash player or browser it says the security cannot access url.


      i know this problem wont happen if both server my flex app running on same domain or if its other domain we can resolve it with crossdomain.xml.


      but in my case i don't how to use a crossdoman policy, or how to achieve this.


      can somebody help me with this,


      thankx in advance