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    Canon MV550i DV Camera

    stewart@itsIT.com.au Level 1

      I am trying to captue some dv footage from a Canon MV550i DV camera using PRE7 however I cannot seem to see the device in the capture window of the application.  Does anyone know if there is a workaround for this or if I will need the drivers for the camera (if so, do you know where I may be able to get them)


      many thanks.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's difficult finding specs on this camcorder, so you'll need to provide more details. (Not even the Canon web site offers any technical specs!)


          But this does not appear to be a tape-based camcorder, and so you will not be able to capture video from it into Premiere Elements.


          You should be able to download the content from this camcorder into Premiere Elements by selecting Get Media/Hard Drive Camcorder and then using the Media Downloader to pull the files in via USB. If the Media Downloader doesn't recognize your camcorder, you may need to install the drivers that came with the cam.


          However, I can't guarantee you can edit this video in Premiere Elements, and I can't recommend which settings to use in Premiere Elements even if you can.


          Do you have any information on the file format that this saves your video as and if this is a hi-def or standard DV video camcorder?


          Note that some recent camcorders (the Flip cam, for instance) are being introduced with new, proprietary codecs that makes them nearly impossible to edit!

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            A second look at the Canon web site seems to indicate that this is a tape-based miniDV camcorder. If this is the case, your solution is simpler: You just need to buy a FireWire cable. Premiere Elements can not capture video over USB.



            On third look, it appears that this camcorder may not have a FireWire connector. If that's the case, capture from this device may not be possible in Premiere Elements. You can try using a program like Windows MovieMaker or the free utility WinDV to capture the video -- but even then, without knowing the video specs, I can't guarantee this video will be editable in Premiere Elements.


            I don't know what's up with Canon! I've never seen so little technical support for a camcorder!

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              stewart@itsIT.com.au Level 1

              Thanks Steve,  I've already given firewire a crack and also checked out the canon site as you have, but as you have found they is little or no help on the site.  It appears as though I'm gonna need the drivers for the camera and then try and capture.


              Thanks for you help, I though that some one may have had a similar issue and had a work around.



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I hope I at least pointed you in the right direction, Stewie.


                Meantime, please report back with what you learn. If this is a new format that camcorders will be using, it will be helpful if we can give others the benefit of your experience.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  With too many cameras today, the mfgr's Web site is of little, or no use, when it comes to getting the specifics of a camera model. Much the same can be said for the various review sites. Most reviewers are concerned with the ergonomics of a camera's body, where the buttons are located, and such, and seldom go into adequate detail on exactly how the camera caputers. As with most mfgrs. they are also not interested in the editability of the material from these cameras, either. They well spend paragraphs on the sharpness of the lens, and how well the sensors capture motion, and must assume that the user will just play back the footage on a TV, not taking into account how one might go about actually editing the footage. This is not aimed squarely at Canon. Most mfgrs. have gone the same way. Most just do not imagine that the user will want to edit the material from these cameras. They're probably correct in many cases, but wrong in so many others.


                  It's in such cases, that the manual is about the only place to get such info. Does the manual give you information on the file format, and on the CODEC used? Some do, but some still do not.


                  Does the camera have a FireWire connector - usually a little abstract "T" shaped connector? This could also be described as a small rectangle, with tiny "wings" at the top of the rectangle. Again, many new cameras do not have this connector, and only the composite video out (maybe in too), and USB.


                  Even with a FW connector, and knowledge of the exact format and CODEC, the footage can still be rough to edit. With all of the info, however, people might be able to recommend a workflow, that will allow it to be done. What is needed for this is as much info, as is possible.


                  Here's hoping that the manual will at least give some clues. Most footage can be edited, though the amount of work to get it ready can seem daunting.


                  Good luck,