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    HTTPService issue - '...multiname reference unambiguously...'

    Matt Le Fevre Level 4

      Hey all,


      Somewhat new to flex (i've been using it for roughly a week), but i've found it relatively friendly to use, until this recent problem i can't get my head around. I think i know what's wrong, i simply am not experienced enough to know how to fix it!


      I'll describe what is happening;


      I've jumped in to help on a program someone else has written, and i'm adding some extra functionality using some php requests to an mySQL database. The program is already making use of import mx.rpc.http.HTTPService, as its a web based application i assume it uses this to fetch other portions of the application from the server it's on.


      When i then try and put in something like this




      <mx:HTTPService id="getCookie" result="cookie(event)" showBusyCursor="true" method="POST" url="http://localhost/persist.php" useProxy="false"/> 


      it comes up with an "Can not resolve a multiname reference unambiguously." error.



      If i remove the previous mentioned import statement, all my http service requests work, but the application cannot change between different views/windows. From what i've learnt from searching around these forum:


      (couple of other threads with what i believe are similar problems to mine)






      there are two different types of HTTP service, and if you want to use both you have to explicitly state which one you want to use, before you use it. However as i lack experience with this, any attempt i've made to fix this issue hasn't worked. The answer is most likely staring me in the face, i just don't know how to implement it.


      Any suggestions/help would be much appreciated