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    Error #1034


      Hey all,


      I'm trying to run a small piece of code here.........however its giving me an error # 1034. I'm also pasting the instrustions.......plz...check and suggest.


      the MXML part



      <mx:LinkButton x="36" y="447" label="Circle" width="226" id="circle" click="drawCircle()"/>



      the AS part


      public function drawCircle():void
              text1.visible = true;
              text1.text =  "HEllo"//myXML.child(IndexNumber).attribute("source");//.child.length;
              var size:Number = 100;
              var roundObject:Shape = new Shape();
              // red circular shape
              roundObject.graphics.moveTo(size / 2, 0);
              roundObject.graphics.curveTo(size, 0, size, size / 2);
              roundObject.graphics.curveTo(size, size, size / 2, size);
              roundObject.graphics.curveTo(0, size, 0, size / 2);
              roundObject.graphics.curveTo(0, 0, size / 2, 0);



      Thanks and Regards........



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          RUSH-ME Level 3



          Instead of adding a shape to the container, add the shape to a uicomponent. Then add that uicomponent to the container. Because when you are attempting to add a child to a mx.core.Container

          the child must implement the interface mx.core.IUIComponent and the Shape class does not implements mx.core.IUIComponent. Here is the sample code.


          var myShape:UIcomponent = new UIComponent();






          Hope this helps





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            Barna Biro Level 3

            Or if you really want to add a Shape, then add it to the rawChildren of the application and not dirrectly to it ( that's why you are getting the error ). But as RUSH-ME said, it would be much better if you work with the Flex API and forget about how you used to do things in Flash.