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    PPro CS4: Mixing colour with grayscale parts of a video

    Live Fantasy

      Hi Guys


      I have 1 video track on PPro that was shot in full colour. I just want to add an effect of converting the whole video into grayscale (or black & white) but keeping a red colour "layers" on the same video.


      I have seen some of the ads on TV use this effect & I was wondering how can I do the same thing. For instance I saw a Kellog's rice krispies ad, where the people and the background will be black & white but the Kellog''s box remains blue throughout the whole ad.


      I was thinking maybe I should export frames one by one from PPro to Photoshop and edit the individual frames from there using the selection tool like quick selection tool to separate the black & white layers from the colour layers and then export out of Photoshop the finished video back to PPro: but then I thought this will be time consuming and not necessarily the best of doing it.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks