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    Problems creating a swf file


      Hy, I am a really newbie in flash. I have a file .fla and some other files like .as(I think they are actionScript classes dependent of the fla). But I am trying to create the swf with adobe flash. So I open the fla and I do: File -  export movie but the resultant swf file is less size than the original swf file because I think it is not including the dependent *.as files. Thanks

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try using File -> Publish instead.

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            gogofe Level 1

            I have tried but it stills creates me a file much smaller than the original size. I have seen what the new swf file contains and is not containing the *.as files. I dont know if its because a limitation of having an evaluation version of the program. Other thing is I m getting two compilation errors in a 'as' file; could be because of this? but its strange because I am getting these files from the original swf file that works correctly. I have the flp file in tha same directory that

            the fla file so I dont undestand why the * .as files are not linked