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    Stroke width not resizing properly


      I have been using Photoshop Elements for many years now (curently have version 5) and decided to download a trial of Illustrator. I have never worked with vectors before, but I'm in love with this program. I can finally draw like I always wanted to without all the tedious cleanup work!


      The only thing that's stumping me is how to resize an image without all of the outlines not sizing up with the rest of the image. In the picture below on the left is the original image and the right is after it has been resized. All of the black outlines are out of proportion on the resized one. His legs and arms are too small, his freckles have shrank, etc.


      Is there a way to have it retain the proper proportions when resizing, or is it nessasairy to change them all by hand after it has been resized?