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    What do you think of Eclipse?

    TLC-IT Level 3

      While looking at the source-code of the ColdExt extension library (discussed separately), I realized that it had hint-information designed for use by Eclipse (and the CFEclipse extension).  This is, believe it or not, an SDK that I have not used before.  (http://www.eclipse.org, http://www.cfeclipse.org)


      I've got DreamWeaver here, but I'm really only using it as a code-completion editor.


      What's your experiences with Eclipse and CFEclipse?

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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          What do you think of [CF]Eclipse?

          The best, at the moment at least. Just do it.

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            Adam Cameron. Level 5

            Or you could try CFBuilder.




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              craigkaminsky Level 3

              Both CFEclipse and ColdFusion Builder are excellent options for CF development.


              I left Dreamweaver for CFEclipse in 2006 and have never looked back (that said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Dreamweaver and I don't mean the above as a slam or criticism on it or anyone still using it). It took a little while to get into the Eclipse mindset (it's different from DW), maybe a week or two of regular use, but once I got used to the way Eclipse works, it seems natural.


              Between CFEclipse and CF Builder, which is only in public beta (http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/coldfusionbuilder/), I prefer CF Builder. It's got excellent code-hintings/intellisense features and is quite robust, even for a beta application.


              However, CF Builder (most likely) won't be free, while CFEclipse is an open-source project and is free. If you're willing to (possibly) pay for an IDE, then definitely try CF Builder. If you know for sure you don't want to buy another software application, try CFEclipse. Of course, there's no harm in trying both !