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    the contribute connection I setup for my client doesn't work for him, but it does for me


      I setup a Contribute connection for a client (I have Mac OS X 10.4.11). I tested the connection in another computer (a mac on the same network) and it works just fine. However when my client launches the connection in his computer (a pc) it get this error:

      "Contribute could not verify your connection key. A network connection to the server could not be establiched. Please contact your administrator for assistance".


      I'm the administrator, but it's hard for me to troobleshoot him, becuase the connection works fine for me. He also got a second error message:

      "Contribute could not connect because the server is down or not accepting connections. Please contact your administrator."


      I told my client to wait and try again later (I have had to do that in the past when setting my own connections, sometimes it works right away, sometimes the server doesn't respond on the spot). However I would like to know if any body else have had these issues and if the problem could be a network connection, and internet connection a mac-pc incompatibility, or.. what else????


      I appreciate any advice.