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    URL in Printjob name


      Hello all -


      In previous version of Acrobat reader, when printing was done from a pdf, it showed the whole url as the document name in the printjob.  As of version 9, it now only shows the actual document name.  Is there a way to get it back the way it was before?


      The reason I ask is because we use a print management solution that allows for certain things to be printed for free and it does this based on the document name - but the problem is, a W4 form for example is now called simply fw4.pdf as opposed to the document name being "http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4.pdf?portlet=3" - which would allower our print management to key off of the irs .gov keyword.


      Hope this is understandable.  Thanks for any comments.