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    pdf is locking up reader's computer

    JWalsh Design

      I created a pdf in Acrobat 8 professional on my mac. I copied it over to the shared folder on my pc and then emailed the pdf to my colleague via Outlook. My colleague tries to open the pdf on his pc and it freezes up his computer. This does not happen with every pdf I send to him. Only occassionally. I have been creating pdf the same way each time. Any ideas or suggestions to resolve this issue?


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          pwillener Level 8

          Does the system "freeze" permanently, or does it come back after a few minutes?


          Is it using high CPU during that time, and what application is doing it?


          Does it happen only with very large PDF files, and is Outlook connected to a remote Exchange Server?


          As you can guess from my questions, I don't think it's Adobe Reader causing the "freeze", but possibly the Outlook / Exchange Server combination with large attachment(s).

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            JWalsh Design Level 1

            Thank you for your reply.

            1. The system freezes permanantly.
            2. Not sure about system use, probably outlook, ie, word, acrobat reader, perhaps excel, too.
            3. The file size was only 896 kb and, yes, Outlook is on a remote Exchange server.


            I'm wondering if the pdf was downloaded to the desktop and then opened if it would work better.