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    Flex 3 - compile error using mxmlc

    AnnieK Level 1

      Hi All,


      When I compile my flex app using the command line, the following error is thrown:


      [mxmlc] Warning: 'compiler.fonts.flash-type' has been deprecated since 3.0. Please use 'compiler.fonts.advanced-anti-aliasing'.
      [mxmlc] .........Error: Interface IBindingClient was not found.


      Has anyone encountered this before (compiles OK using Flex Builder)?




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          matthew horn Level 3

          The name of a compiler option has changed. You can get rid of this error by editing your flex-config.xml file. In there, you might see a line like this:




          Change it to:




          You don't get it in Flex Builder because it's using a different flex-config.xml file most likely. The difference was made between, I think, versions 3.0 and 3.2 of the SDK.



          matt horn

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