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    Projector.exe doesn't load FLVs

    german01 Level 1
      I'm not sure if my question fits this forum. I'm looking for advise to burn a CD-ROM using projector.exe that loads FLVs.
      I created a flash program using FLVs. When using SWF all videos load without problem. However, when published in projector.exe I can see all the text content, but none of the videos load.

      Here is the structure of my program created in flash CS3 action script 2

      1) Escape_Website (contains subfolders)
      1.1.) Edited Flash, which holds all my FLVs.
      1.2) Pictures
      1.3) Readings

      The file Instructor.exe will load all videos saved in Edited Flash folder. The path for an FLV named Readings_1.flv is "EditedFlash/Readings_1.flv" for example.

      I burned a CD-ROM as data and it didn't load the videos.

      Is there an issue with flash player 8 and projector.exe using videos?
      Should I burn the program as a video CD-ROM?

      What is the best practice when it comes to publishing projector.exe and FLVs?

      Your help will be greatly appreciated


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          Hi German,

          Ok looks like your path commands might be causing you problems.

          You have




          That should do they trick.

          Now yoiu asked best practise.

          Once you get it to work and find the flv are running a little slow then
          please read this


          Hope this helps.

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            german01 Level 1
            Thanks for replying. I tried changing the path from
            "EditedFlash/Readings_1.flv" to "EditedFlash\\Readings_1.flv"
            It didn't work.

            Here is the script on autorun.inf //notepad file//

            open=INSTRUCTOR.exe //the name of file is all CAPITALS - does it matter?//

            CD-ROM (root)
            autorun.inf //note pad file//
            autorunner.exe //autorunner file//
            INSTRUCTOR.exe //the flash file that loads all FLVs//

            I'm using windows XP. Does it have anything to do with the autorunner?

            Would using the following path: "EditedFlash\Readings_1.flv" change anything?

            all my comments in // aren't included in the scritps.

            I appreciated your help.

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              german01 Level 1
              I found the solution to my problem with paths.
              It was a two main steps process.

              Keep in mind the structure of my program:
              Main folder: Escape_Website
              Subfolder: EditedFlash (where FLVs are)
              INSTRUCTOR.exe (plays FLVs from EditedFlash)

              1. Using EditedFlash/nameofFLV (Make sure all your video files work)
              This is a path that let's you see the FLVs when testing your SWF. However, when burning a CD-ROM the FLVs don't play.

              For example: video Readings_1.flv


              2. Using Escape_Website/EditedFlash/NameofFLV
              This path let's you see the FLVs on a CD-ROM. However, when testing your SWF you won't be able to see any FLV.


              The autorun file (notepad file)

              autorun.inf (name of file)

              strcuture of CD-ROM

              1) Escape_Website (folder with subolders, including copy of autorun.inf, autorunner and INSTRUCTOR.exe)
              2) autorun.inf
              3) autorunner.exe
              4) INSTRUCTOR.exe

              Hope this helps to someone else