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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 is exporting in the wrong size


      I want to export my clip I've made in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 while choosing the option "HDV 720p24" (I've also tried 25, 30 and a few others).

      It says in Video Settings before I even start to work on my clip:


      "Frame Size: 1280h 720v"


      Which is EXACTLY what I want.


      However, whenever I choose to export my clip, it ends up being 720 x 480. That's not even 16:9/Widescreen.

      I've tried entering the settings when choosing the export options, but the preset 720 x 480 can't be change.


      Why is this? Is it impossible to expert a clip to be in 1280 x 720 or any other custom pixelsize I want?



      Best regards, Izzy.