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    How to restart Air application

      I have the following questions any help would be appreciated.

      1. Is there a way to restart Air application
      2. How to get application directory path
      3. How to get application executeable name i.e. (myFlexApp.exe for windows)

      Thanks in advance.
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          In AIR your aplication are ".air", have the air extension.
          For the other question in FLEX you are the global Object Application that could be contain all information that you want...

          Bye bye!
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            _Sohaib_ Level 1
            I know air application has .air application, but after installing the air application its extension is no longer ".air" for windows its extension become ".exe" for mac and linux it is some thing else.
            secondly global Object Application has limited functionality it doesn't provide the path of directory where application is installed and complete name of application with extension, someone can change the executable file name manually in installed directory, in that case Application.application.name + ".exe" doesn't work....