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    How to change Album order in PRE7?

    ElisabetB Level 1

      The order is supposed to be as when the pictures were taken, right? (Oldest first or newest first.)

      But that's not what I find.  I think they go into an order of my working with them in the past, not when they were taken.

      In my Windows file, my pictures are in alphabetical & numerical order (which is the order they were taken).

      After I adjust them in PSE 7, they are still in that same order, because I just save them with a letter added to the end of the original file name (so that I keep the original, as well).  I save them in the same file they come from (Windows Vista), not in PSE.

      After combining a large number of resized horizontal & vertical pics in my folder, and then getting them into the PRE album, my horizontal pictures show first, then my vertical ones, not in the order taken, as in my Windows folder.  Very annoying to keep my order straight.

      Can I change them to alphabetical/numerical order?

      I really need a book for Dummies.   I know Steve has a book out with great reviews, but I think that it is probably beyond me at this time.  I understand very few of the terms that you guys use.  And the For Dummies book is for Premiere Elements 4 and I don't know if it applies to PRE7.