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    More on property lists

    anjemalo Level 1

      I have this variables:


      Us= "John"





      I want to add TheTwo value like a property in this list:


      record1 = [TheTwo:[#User:"John",#Password:"1234, #Country:"Spain"]]



      I try to use : symbol(TheTwo) but I always get in record1


      --  [#TheTwo:[#User:"John",#Password:"1234, #Country:"Spain"]]    not the value of TheTwo.

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional


          myList.addProp(TheTwo, [#User:"John",#Password:"1234, #Country:"Spain"])


          myList[TheTwo] = [#User:"John",#Password:"1234, #Country:"Spain"]


          However, the fact that you are trying to combine 2 elements already in your list and use them as a unique key means that you aren't taking a sensible approach. You should be either scanning each individual entry looking to see whether their #user and #password properties match your search criteria, or, like you started out with, using a "real" database that you can perform SQL queries against.