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    Replicating and editing custom components


      I have created a custom component that I want to reuse multiple times in my designs. I've exported it as a library component and imported into my new project. Once I have added a few instances of this component to my design, I would like to change some of the attributes of a specific instance of this component without changing those attributes for every instance of this component.


      Is there a way to accomplish this?

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          acath Level 4



          Unfortunately, there's no way to expose "knobs", "styles", or "customizations" on your custom components. This is a really interesting topic, and if you have any suggestions for how it would work, I'd love to hear them.



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            kahilburn Level 1



            I totally understand the benefits of having all the instances of a 

            particular component linked to a consistent design - for instance, if 

            you wanted to apply a different style across the board, it would make 

            it mighty easy. However, for those cases in which the user might want 

            to modify specific instances of a copied component, here are two 

            suggestions for approaches:


            • Unlink whole instances of components - Allow the user to unlink 

            specific instances of components from the standard. Once it is 

            unlinked, all attributes of the unlinked component could be changeable 

            without affecting the other still-linked components. This could be 

            handled either during the copy process, or as a separate action after 

            the fact.


            • Unlink individual attributes - Allow the user to unlink specific 

            attributes of an individual component. This seems technically more 

            complex, but would allow the user to create a "template" component and 

            then tweak individual instances of that component without having to 

            create completely separate copies. Then if the template changed, the 

            still-linked attributes would also be updated. Basically, this would 

            be like overriding attributes for components.


            I'm sure there are many complexities I haven't yet thought of, but 

            hope this helps.

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              acath Level 4

              Ok, thanks. I've added this to our list of possible future features.


              I believe you can work around this by exporting and re-importing the component in the Library panel, thus yielding a duplicate component...



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                kahilburn Level 1

                Thanks Adam. I was aware of this, but hoped there was a way to create "non-linked duplicates" without having to export and re-import for every instance.


                Thanks for clarifying!

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                  This thread is much more applicable to what I described in http://forums.adobe.com/message/2390554.  Is there any word on the control/configuration of instance-specific property values for custom components?

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                    acath Level 4

                    Hi Avan,


                    The current version of Catalyst doesn't expose any way to do this. However, we are open to ideas for future versions. Check out the ideas site: http://ideas.adobe.com/labs


                    Of course, there are many ways to make custom components customizable by writing some code in Flash Builder. If you want more guidance on that, let me know.