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    2 header columns and 3 body columns

      i have designed a dynamic table with 2 header columns and the body rows are dynamic, 
      my requirement would have 
      an image attached to the cell1 of the body row each time it repeats ,i am getting the image field 
      from XML 
      my issue is 
      how to create a table with two header columns and have three body cloumns(including the image,
      if say i have created a table with three columns , is there a way that we could supress the line between two cells that comes when we create a table. 

      Thanks in advance

      please find the attached doc .
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          pguerett Level 6

          Create your table with 3 columns and include a header row. Now in the Header highlight th etwo rows you want to combine and right mouse click and choose merge cells.



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            de1209 Level 1

            Hi Paul


            Thank you very much for the reply, yeah i tried to merge cells on my header colunm and it worked,


            but on the body  columns where i have 3 cells


            cell1 -->LOGO_BENEFITS--> image field

            cell2 ---> TITLE_BENEFITS -->text field

            cell3---> STATUS_BENEFITS--->text field


            here i have a issue (i dont know much of XML and i am passing the above 3 cells below as follows:





            ISSUE 1.


            1) i am not able to see the picture in the pdf. (for some reason it just showing blank space in place of the image_field) --(is there any thing wrong in the way i am appending the path for the pic in my XML)

            2) considering the image shows up, how do i supress the two cells in to one  in the body column (cell1 and cell2) .


            Thanks again for your time


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              de1209 Level 1

              Hi All,


              i got the cell merging done but i am still unable to get the image to appear on the pdf


              all i am doing is


              passing the image path in XML  AS




              any ideas as to why the image isnt showing up on the pdf.


              Thank u all