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    Adobe ID no longer valid.


      I consider this to be a major issue.


      In June, 2008 I notified Adobe of a problem I experienced attempting to authorize content purchased using my Adobe ID. After repeated delays, I received this in response :


      'I think I'll have to escalate this case to try and find out what could be happening here. I've never seen an Adobe ID formatted like that before and it's not recognised by the activation tool, but something, somewhere must be recognising it, because it's been used to apparently, successfully activate Digital Editions.'


      Since then, no meaningful dialog has taken place between Adobe and myself. In fact Adobe has closed my case and withdrawn subsequent inquiries in this regard.


      If the integrity of an Adobe ID is compromised, then the content purchased using that ID becomes worthless, and trust in the Adobe's DRM system is misplaced.


      I'm at the end of my tether with Adobe and I'm currently considering my options. It would seem that I can either take this matter to a consumer protection body or take matters into my own hands and bypassing Adobe's DRM system altogether.


      Can anyone suggest an alternative remedy?