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    "Using cached version of" file


      I'm using RH7.003.01 on WinXP SP3 accessing a shared project via Visual SourceSafe (VSS) 6.0. I recently added a number of images to a topic and checked all of these files in. Now everytime I do a Check In All, regardless of which topics are open (i.e., the topic with the new images is not checked out) I see a message in the status bar that RH is "Using cached version of "file://<path/filename>", where filename appears to be the name of each image I recently uploaded (see attachment below). It's annoying because no matter what I'm doing, if I do a Check In All, RH has to pause and then process each of these files. All of these files do appear in VSS, so they are checked in, and when other writers access this shared project they do see the recently added images in the topic, so it doesn't appear that these files are local to my system. Any help is apppreciated.



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          lmarden Level 2

          well, you aren't going to want to hear this, but you need to understand and accept that RoboHelp is not designed for use over a network. Both the application and your projects must be used locally. Sure, you may get away with using a remote server for your project files, maybe for a while. But it doesn't take much to upset the apple cart. RoboHelp projects are supported by a Microsoft Access database (project.cpd) which gets very cranky when a project is accessed and updated remotely.


          You can store a project on a server, but you must copy the project to your hard drive and use it there to make changes successfully.


          To resolve your issues, I would copy the project to your local drive, MAKE A BACKUP, then delete the <project>.cpd file in the project root folder. Then open the project - RH will rebuild the file and reset its contents to the current condition of the project. This database is sort of like a traffic cop - it keeps track of links between project components and updates itself as you move items around, add new topics, add images, etc.


          You may have to re-add missing images / topics, or rebuild broken links.


          Sorry, darlin, but that's the way it is.

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            AnalogKid82 Level 1

            I ended up going the usual route of blowing away my local copy, then opening VSS DB through RH and it appears to be working fine. I guess something locally was corrupt, perhaps the CPD, but it doesn't appear to have been uploaded to VSS as other writers accessing the project aren't seeing this behavior and the problem. I'm not seeing the cache message anymore, so I'll see how things shake out. Thanks!