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    Print Doc: one mapped style not being used


      I am producing printed documentation from RoboHTML. Most of the style mapping works correctly, but one instance does not. I have a style named NumberedList in my project. The style attributes in the project have no numbering option selected on the Numbered tab, but the Number positioned within paragraph check box is checked. I also do not use the automatic numbering feature on the RoboHelp toolbar. The number for each step is typed manually.

      In Word, I have a Numbered List style, which is what I mapped the RoboHTML style to. It has customized numbered list attributes set within the style through the Number and Bullets dialog. When i have this custom numbering turned on, RoboHelp will not use the Word style. It uses Normal instead for numbered lists. If I set the Word style to use No Numbering on the Number and Bullets dialog, then RoboHelp uses the Numbered List style. the text has numbers, and it seems to use the attributes that are applied to the numbers in RoboHelp (bold). However, in print, I want no bold and periods after the numbers.

      Any ideas as to why this might not be working or how to make the Word number style different from the RoboHelp style? I can give more details if needed.