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    Problems with email form in Flex


      I've been scouring the web for an email form in Flex for several days now and am stuck because of what I think are these several areas.


      1. Setting up the back end - I am running wamp server 2.0 on my devolping machine and have a Windows 2008 Server with PHP set up at my disposal as well.  Most of the tutorials I've come across don't go over these configurations, I've figured a few things out, but am still rather in the dark and am unsure what I've learned is accurate.  Here are a couple questions:


        • How do I set up the Flex Build Path.  For example I have a folder created in the www directory of the wamp server named mailform where I tell the HTTPService's url property to post to a php file named 'mail.php'  So would this be correct?



      id="emailService" url="http://localhost/mailform/mail.php"

      method="POST" resultFormat="xml" result="emailResult()" useProxy="false"/>





      • Do I need to change values in wamp's php.ini file.  From what I've found smtp_server, smtp_port, and php_openssl need to be changed.
      • Do I need to open up a port on my router (25)?
      • Would I need to use an alternative app like PEAR: Mail or phpMailer.  For testing purposes I'm using my gmail account, the client's site this is for uses a bellsouth.net account.


      2. Are problems still persisting with Flash Player 10, like illustrated in this thread: http://www.actionscript.org/forums/showthread.php3?t=196454  As msfx pointed every email form example I've downloaded, there've been many, I have not been able to get to work.  Yet as you can tell there are probably other issues I need to take care of as well.


      Please point me in any direction(s) that will help, am open to all suggestions, would just like to get a working email form done in flex so I can finish the client's site.  Thank you.