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    Report or Log of Page Last Modified?


      What is the best way to generate a list, report or log containing last modified by date and user?  We want to to be to pull a list of everyone who hasn't updated in the last three months (or whatever) so that we can contact that user and ensure they update.


      I currently have CS3.


      Do I need Contribute Publishing Server?


      I can run a site report using Dreamweaver, but that information is not helpful because it changes the modification date every time I make a change to the site-wide template.  Would this be the case in Contribute as well?  I've noticed the rollbacks aren't affected by template changes, so I am hopeful this data would be reliable.


      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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          skillet123 Level 1

          If this helps anyone else -


          I finally found out that if you create a folder named ctnetperformancelog on the desktop of the machine on which you are using Contribute, daily log files will be created.  There is a lot of junk in these log files, but you can wade through to find what you would like.


          I guess this is as good as you can get without using CPS.