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    Deleting clips


      I'm am working in AVCHD workflow and after loading a batch of clips from the Canon Vixia camera memory card into a project I begin to review them. My qusetion is - if I delete a clip in the media review panel is that clip erased from the hard drive or is the reference to the file in the project removed.  I want to erase the file from the hard drive as I will never use the bungled clips and I do not want them clutering my drive.

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          You ended up in the Tips & Tricks sub-forum, and not the main PrE forum. Maybe Steve can move this out to the main forum for you.


          Depending on where you are working, you can do the full deletion.


          Now, in the Project Panel, you will only remove that/those Clip(s) from the Project. They are still on your HDD. There is an Organizer Panel, accessed via Tag Clips, that is like Bridge in PrPro, or like Windows Explorer, in that it shows what you have on your HDD, and not just what is in the Project. It can be used for "housekeeping" duties, like Moving, Copying and Deleting Assets. One can also do this from Windows Explorer. Though I use Bridge a lot, most of what you are asking to do, is done in Windows Explorer on my systems.


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            Glad to see that Steve was able to move this post out to the main forum.