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    Line chart yaxis


      The default line chart's axis has  around 5 pixel width, how can I change to 1 pixel, which is the same width for x-axis.

      Please see attached UI mock UI. Our designer is uing 1 pixel for both x-axis and y axis.


      I am using as3.



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          babo_ya Level 3

          Here is how u define the vertical axis.. note how the ID is "a2"


          <mx:verticalAxis >


                      <mx:LinearAxis minimum="0" baseAtZero="false" id="a2"

                              labelFunction="linearAxis_labelFunc" />





          and add the axisRenderers as below..



                          <mx:AxisRenderer axis="{a2}" styleName="ChartVerticalAxis" placement="left"



                          <mx:Stroke color="#9f9f9f" weight="1"/>



                          <mx:Stroke color="#9f9f9f" weight="0"/>



                          <mx:Stroke color="#9f9f9f" weight="0"/>






          Hope this helps,