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    Can anyone help with simple as2 detection?


      I just want to create a simple timer for a car game which notes the lap time each time you cross the finish line. I then want to be able to use the "gotoAndPlay (frame number)" once either a certain amount of laps have been completed or when the timer hits a specified number.


      I have exhausted tutorials, none of which actually work - what im looking for is 'i think' actually quite simple but i am having great difficulty.... The car game tutorial with 4 parts which seems to pop up everywhere does not help as it is very complex and can only be used when the game is designed in the way that the guys has made it.


      If anyone knows enough about actionscript 2 then your help would be amazing. It is for a very important assignment and i would be ridiculously greatful if anyone can resolve this issue.


      Many thanks, Aaron