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    how to display a field on certain conditions

    scf22 Level 1


      I have a requirement to display the word "Copy" on a form when it is printed, therefore, the field is setup to appear on "print only".  However, I need to be able to print the form without "Copy" on it for one group (or condition if that group knows how to create the condition).  These forms are sourced as .xdps and merged with XML data to generate PDF docs that have electronic signature boxes on them and are signed with signature pads.  I need to display the "copy" tag everytime the print function is called except by this special group of people.  I do not use the watermark approach because I couldn't get the manipulation to work with electronic signatures and XFA-based forms.  Could I have this special group of users trigger something on the docs to either not display the copy tag at all or change the font color to white (so it doesn't appear to show up) or any other ideas?